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Concierge Service

What is CraneNetwork.com – Concierge Services?

Personal and Direct Services for Equipment Buying and Selling providing Turnkey Solutions to Buyers and Sellers.

We have over 70 years combined experience in Heavy Equipment Buying and Selling and pride ourselves on assisting both sides of the transaction so it becomes an easy experience.

Our approach is new and somewhat different where we can help apply our knowledge, services, ability to find and match buyers and sellers, and help keep interested parties moving towards the desired end goals. In developing these services, we are committed to our Advertising Dealers on our online platform in an effort to qualify and develop potential buyers. Our Concierge services assures that a potential buyer gets as much information as possible to make an informed decision. With our commitment to our current and future advertisers we promise that with our services it is not to impede, change or degrade opportunities. Our goal is to enhance, develop trust, and provide as much information as we can to potential buyers. We are not changing the way we have served our Advertisers for almost two decades, instead we are using our time and resources to engage and enhance our relationships. Our online platform creates a forum for interfacing Buyers and Sellers to meet demand. With years of observation and statistics, we have found that a service like this is what the industry needs to prove our ROI for mutual benefit and ideally setting up more relationships.

We have a proven track record in the heavy lift- and transportation industry, and know that our new Concierge services is the answer to a personal touch to online heavy equipment shopping. Since launching the internet site in 1998, we have managed to sell tens of thousands units worldwide!

What will Concierge Services Do?

  • No games, no filtering, and clear concise information.
  • Neutrality on pricing and conditions.
  • Confidentiality and anonymous information services if requested.
Our experience and network allow us to match supply and demand, clearly we understand equipment and want to contribute to the Industry as expert advisors.

Selling/Sales Assistant

We can help sell your equipment, assist with presentations, quotations, customer interactions, inspections, transportation, financing and almost everything in the entire process of the transaction. We want to serve Sellers and Buyers and aid in transactional details, we understand the needs and the sales cycle process. Our goal is to be on the ready if you need any additional help in transacting a piece or fleet of equipment. Our Concierge services are entirely optional and know when it is not our place to be involved. We have successfully used these new services, and found that Sellers and Buyers alike appreciate the additional personal services that we can provide.

We get asked questions every day about equipment, dealers, pricing, how to do this, how to do that, etc.

Now it was just time to put a name to the Service...

CraneNetwork.com Concierge Services -- your one stop shop for solutions to equipment transactions. We are committed to the success of our Advertising Dealers and our interested buyers.

If you’ve ever dreaded buying or selling heavy equipment, you’re not alone. That’s why our new CraneNetwork.com Concierge Services were developed to help people buy and sell equipment without the hassle.

Once you have identified your initial needs, CraneNetwork.com Concierge Services uses experienced certified representatives to do all the searching for you. This process will provide you with a detailed information on the process, and takes away all the time and research required to get to your end goal.

CraneNetwork.com Concierge Services will represent you in all aspects of your heavy equipment needs whether selling or buying. We specialize in research, market trends, inspections, appraisals, negotiations, rentals, interest rates or lease rates, the bank fees, transportation, and once we get all that done, you have a trusted partner...

If you want an expert’s help or you want someone to do those things for you entirely consider one of the following.

Our concierge team learns about your needs and preferences then we do the legwork. That includes searching inventories, evaluating market availability and trends, and delivering turnkey solutions to your equipment needs

CraneNetwork.com Concierge Services is a highly-specialized service that we have continued to develop in support of buyer and sellers.

  • The fees might be largely offset by the amount a concierge can save you by negotiating.
  • Concierges can purchase your equipment, so you never have to visit a dealership.

Our team has facilitated or negotiated the transactions of more than a billion dollars of assets in the service and equipment industry. Using our services will provide you with a team that will act on and provide immediate response from one of our qualified staff. Our goal is to provide you with a direct answers and solutions to your needs.

Results and solutions are what we strive to achieve in the sale, rental or purchase of any equipment or part. Our team will review your needs and bring you a solution to achieve your desired results. This process will include a review of your equipment or parts, provide detailed information, and completion of contract for one of several methods we use including Purchase, Brokerage, Consignment, and Auction.

CraneNetwork.com Concierge Services offers the best in heavy equipment fleet management with first class service. We also specialize in auctions through our auction division and can provide buying and selling services, as well as marketing and advertising to support you through our Auction Division and alliance partners.

At Crane Network, we consider each aspect of the process and work with you to find the best course of action. Consider us your equipment concierge! We understand that if you are buying, selling or renting equipment, the purpose is to increase revenue or decrease costs for you and your business and save time. Avoid adding to costs or frustration by trying to do this yourself by using CraneNetwork.com Concierge Services.

Focus on what you do best, and allow us to do the heavy lifting, buying, selling, or renting equipment. It's what we do best. Call us today and allow us to serve you: 214-612-7626.

Contact us at Concierge@cranenetwork.com.